Uncle Pumpkin’s Journey

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On June - 24 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

The game Uncle Pumpkin’s Journey is a great free game in the 2-D perspective from the manufacturer rpg90. I have played the game for a while to find out, if it is worthwhile for you to invest your time and since we don’t talk about bad games at Androidpimps, you know now it is worth a look.

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This morning we have a very special treat for all Om Nom lovers, the official version of Cut the Rope is now finally available for Android.
GetJar managed to snap up another exclusive for a while and while we usually wait until the android market release of a game, we are so happy about the release, that we can even see past the lousy mobile web interface that doesn’t recognize the N1 and that it doesn’t even work with the quick download code, because the mobile page loops with the message that the phone is not recognized. But the download over the website works, even if it is a little slow because of the heavy demand.

The game includes 7 Level boxes with 25 Levels at the moment and more are already teased in the game.

Here’s the link to GetJar and also a video that demos the game on Android for all the people, that don’t already know this very famous iPhone puzzler, you’ll love it.

Download at GetJar

Hungry Shark Part 3 now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 22 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

FGOL just released the third part of the Hungry Shark series for Android. It’s pretty much more of the same in a new environment (so you can just check our review of the first part for gameplay infos) and with a new endboss, but since Hungry Shark is still one of my favorite tilt based games, that’s good enough. Sadly the price is still nearly five times higher then the iPhone counterpart of the same game. Let’s hope that they will have some sort of promotion on Shark week like they had last year, which will start on 31th July.

Here is the trailer for Hungry Shark 3, still weird as ever.

Market Link

Contract Killer

Posted by Hon-Bon Lee On June - 20 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

According to the Android Market until now “Contract Killer” has already between 1 and 5 million installations and since I’m hooked on the game for the last two weeks, there needs to be a review!
I hope you’ll find my first review interesting. :)

Oldschool gamer will remember the line of First Person-Arcade Shootergames, where you just navigate a crosshair per mouse and then you just shoot around. Be it human enemies in war, Aliens or some items like cans. Contract Killer has a lot of similarities with these shooters, but it’s not a rail shooter like the arcade ports of the Operation W*lf-, House of the Dead- or Time Crisis-series. The levels or better said the areas in Contract Killer are not scrolling, because the player is a sniper. As a professional sniper you hide and don’t go in guns blazing like an action hero. From the window a sniper only has a limited view on the surrounding area.

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When I did a review on Burning Tires a while ago I already mentioned that I was really looking forward to Galaxy on Fire 2 on Android. I was a little disappointed, when they told me at MWC that the standard version is Xperia Play exclusive and that the advanced Tegra Version is of course only available for Tegra devices, so I planned to postpone to play it until I upgrade my handset (which will be when Google releases a worthwile successor to the Nexus One).
Then Chainfire3D was released and while some games worked with it on the Nexus One, I doubted that Galaxy on Fire 2 would run.
But with the newest version of Chainfire3D Pro and reduced texture quality, the game runs nearly flawless!
Of course the game looks even better on Tegra devices, but to play this advanced version on a N1 is something you should have seen.
So here are the first 30 minutes + the Chainfire 3D settings in a video demonstration, all of this still takes place in the free part of the game, so everyone who has a Android device that works with Chainfire3D can check out how it runs on their device for free themselves.