Sony announces Playstation Suite for Android

Posted by Dan Mousavi On January - 27 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Today Sony announced their new handheld called the NGP. It’s a nice device, pretty much everything I want from a Playstation phone, but it is a pure handheld that can’t be used as a phone and just uses mobile data for online usage.
But more important to us Android users, they also announced the Playstation Suite for Android, that will deliver us games from the PS One and new games that will both run on all certified Android devices and the NGP. I guess the idea is to replace the current PSP Minis (downloadable games for the PSP Go) with Playstation Suite titles and to have the big 3D games for the NGP exclusively (these games will also be sold through the classic retail market).
Playstation Suite will only work with Android 2.3 devices, probably because 2.3 includes the key mapping for the hardware buttons.
They haven’t announced any games yet, but that info is pretty much only a few weeks away with the MWC and the much rumored Playstation Phone right around the corner.

Andy House, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe had the following to say on the official Sony Blog:

NGP is the first step in our portable strategy as we start to offer PlayStation experiences to a wider audience than ever before. As well as offering the ultimate portable gaming experience, via NGP, we will also be introducing a new way to deliver PlayStation games, via PlayStation Suite.

Casual gaming on multi-purpose mobile devices is a growing market that we simply cannot neglect. With that in mind, PS Suite is a new initiative to offer PlayStation quality games on Android based portable devices, be it mobile phones, smartphones or tablet PCs. By offering a fantastic selection of legacy PlayStation games (PS one classics), alongside content made specifically for PS Suite, we believe that we will be offering the PlayStation experience to a wider base of users.

Via a program, called PlayStation Certified license program, we will work with hardware manufacturers to provide devices that optimize the gaming experience. We want to give consumers the freedom to choose between various devices when they wish to enjoy a certain piece of PlayStation content.

We also realise that PlayStation content should be provided through a secure and unique means, that is both reliable and user friendly. Therefore we also plan to open PlayStation Store to download content on the Android based portable devices. This is a significant move for us and one that we firmly believe will make PlayStation content more accessible than ever before.

Full Press Release:
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Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires

Posted by Dan Mousavi On January - 26 - 20112 COMMENTS

Tactical RPG is usually a niche genre that rarely gets mentioned in the western gaming media. But the japanese developer Hyperdevbox decided to take the gamble to bring this genre to our beloved Android plattform and to the rest of the world and while doing that they delivered us the biggest Android game that we have seen yet in every way (size, playtime, artwork, soundtrack, you name it). This is a highly upgraded port of a full PS 2 game, and since it is the first of it’s kind, this may be the first Android game that really needs a review to help you decide, if you want to fetch over the relative high price of roughly 10,50€.

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Kick it out! Football Manager

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On January - 20 - 20118 COMMENTS

Kick it out! is already available for quite some time on the Android market, but I still can’t stop playing it, because I like this Football Manager, it is the only one out of the few available managers that delivers possibilities to upgrade your team, position it and do all that in a design that has a clear interface which looks good. It’s a game for short breaks and for longer ones, I can just start it, check my settings, look through transfers, play a tourney, a friendly game or a complete league.

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Gun Bros Beta released

Posted by Dan Mousavi On January - 5 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Gun Bros is a Dualstick freemium shooter from Glu, which already made quite a name for itself on iOS.
Sadly they botched the controls on devices with multitouch problems, instead of supporting Trackball oder D-Pad controls, they use the tilt mechanics now to move your character around. This game would have been ideal for trackball controls, walking with a virtual d-pad and firing with the trackball would’ve been my preferred control choice, so I could play it on the go.
But Gun Bros still ist on heck of a game, that everyone should try for themself, it is free after all.

Market Link

Office Rush

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On January - 5 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

With Office Rush the developer XIMAD delivered something special, this is not just a smart Jump and run, no, you will have to puzzle your way through, take a look at the screenshots to see what I mean. This is a genre mix from Jump and run and puzzle that will challenge your dexterity, which brings a lot of fun and makes this game worth every cent.

The menu is crafted nicely, you have direct access to the most important options like sound and highscores via Openfeint. You can also replay your favorite levels through the “Level Select” option.

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