Crush the Castle

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On August - 7 - 20101 COMMENT

Crush the Castle is now available for 99ct. The Android version, as opposed to the Flash version, itself is very compelling and comprehensive which gives you plenty of playtime. Although Crush the Castle’s concept was the basis for the top Iphone game ‘Angry Birds’, the original didn’t do as well as Rovio’s version which is also highly anticipated for the future release on Android.

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It’s summer and while this time of the year is usually not so great for gaming, you can enjoy a mobile games even in the most beautiful weather. Even the freshest water from the most beautiful lake or the cleanest air on top of a mountain can’t cure our steady hunger for new and great games and it’s just beautiful that now we can enjoy both at the same time without the hassle of another device. To make it easier for you to enjoy your holiday and not waste it on boring games, we each picked five free and five paid apps for our Top List of Summer 2010.
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My Paper Plane 2

Posted by Dan Mousavi On August - 5 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

The Android exclusive developer Wavecade brings us a nice little flight game, with a steep highscore challenge. In My Paper Plane 2 you fly through one of four courses and try to catch as many stars in a row as possible for big combos, to boost your score. The game starts out pretty slow, you sail along through the sky and fly through rings to get to the stars that are usually located behind them, but soon the plane picks up pace and you have to dodge trees, houses and bridges very fast.

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Smiley Smashout

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On August - 1 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Sure, you read it, it’s time for smileys again.

In “Smiley Smashout” you let your your own smiley explode by a touch on your display. That ensures that your main character explodes and turns into 4 small mini smileys, flying in all four directions. You have a predetermined number of faces which must be hit, then they also dissolves back into many individual, small smileys and trigger other chain reactions. Unfortunately I have only played the lite version, but I’ll probably going to buy the full version as soon as I have refilled my credit card, for as simple as the gameplay is, it is fun and not exhausting. In the full version there are about 30 levels, only five in the Lite.

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New copy protection for Android released

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 28 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

We early adopters know all to well about all the good stuff the Android market provides, at the moment everyone has the possibility to to buy an app for 24 hrs., back it up and then return the installed version. While this is fine and dandy for indie developers, who update their game frequently and have some sort of copy protection through that, it is a major drawback for the big players in the industry, that polish their games a lot further and release them as a one shot (a good example would be Gameloft, who deliver high quality games, but don’t update them very often).

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