Skies of Glory released

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 16 - 20101 COMMENT

SGN released their hotly anticipated WWII Dogfighter today, the game is one of the best looking 3D Games on Android to date and runs perfectly smooth on Snapdragon devices. The Android version costs 4,99$, opposite to the Iphone version that was free but had in app purchases for the planes. The Android version comes with at least 18 airplanes, 11 missions + tutorial, but the real fun lies in bluetooth and online cross plattform multiplayer, so go out and hunt those Iphoneys. ;)
We’ve shot a quick video of the beginning of the first mission for a quick look, but there are some problems with Youtube at the moment, so you’ll have to make due with the official trailer, check back over the weekend for our own video.

Update: Video added

Android Market Link

Drunk Ragdoll

Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 16 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

From the developers of “Shoot U!” there is something new, it’s called Drunk Ragdoll!

The Ragdoll is the guy you see in the photo, he’s drunk and you have to arrive him safely on the ground. In principle, this game is not really new, because if you played “Super Tumble” you’re getting a deja vu, but it is also difficult to secure the Ragdoll to the ground and there are fantastic new levels with equally fresh ideas, so there is no reason to regret the purchase of Drunk Ragdoll.

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Posted by Dennis Zimpel On July - 15 - 20101 COMMENT

With EverlandsĀ  follows a great game which melts your boredom.
This game is about setting animals that you see at the bottom of your display to defeat your opponent by placing them next to the enemy and fight against them. Let me first clarify that a little:

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Write for Androidpimps, become famous! ;)

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With over 10000 visitors in the last month Androidpimps is one, if not the biggest gaming site for Android games. When I started this page, I wanted to deliver the best page for Android gamers on the net and give Android users a similar site to Touch Arcade, which in my opinion was a success. Since we started uploading videos of games just 2 months ago, around 12000 people viewed our videos and user numbers climb steadily. The foundation is done and now I need your help to keep the momentum.

Since I am primarily a Game Developer, I need more time to focus on developing games instead of talking about them. I’ll have a lot to do when August comes and Unity 3 will be published, because I’m in the middle of founding my own company and am developing currently three different games with different dev teams. I’ll continue writing reviews and posting news, but to keep up with all the news and all the releases I need more people, that want a site like this and are willing to contribute.

Do not worry about the bilingual nature of this site, if you can write in either english or german, it is enough, we have people that can translate your articles. If you are unsure, if you got what it takes to write a good article, try posting it in the forums with your real name, if we like it, we will publish it and credit you as the author.

While we are at the subject, I’d like to take a minute to thank our contributors to this day, thanks go out to Dennis Zimpel, David Holliss, Arbi Nazarian, Marc Rittig, Ray the admin and Damon Prodan for their ongoing support for Androidpimps. Without you guys the page would not be as good as it is today.

I’d also like to invite anyone who reads our site to join per Google Friendconnect, so you can write commentaries, sent private messages etc.
We also love every follower on Twitter and Facebook, so if you want to feel loved, just follow us there too. ^^
And personally I’d really like it if we could get some discussions started in the forums, even if it is just a discussion about how much it sucks, because with the little action it had I’m still not sure if it even works as it should. ;)


Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 14 - 20102 COMMENTS

Here’s another free game worth having on your phone, Sweep is a puzzle game with an enourmous amount of levels, so that you won’t get it off your phone for a long time.
The goal of the game is to eliminate all other chips on the table by kicking them out of the screen, you do that by swiping chips in either a horizontal or vertical direction and when they ram into other chips the force will pass on to the next chip. the level is won, if only one chip is left at the end.

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