Cat game – a game for your cat

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All living beings like to play, so does your cat. After a recent flood of videos, where animals played easy touchscreen games, this is the first game, that is specifically targeted for your little bundle of fur.
The game has 4 levels that try to get your cat to engage with it. At the moment there are squeaky mice that your cat has to paw, there’s also a artist mode, where your cat draws while it is playing, you can share the picture afterwards. The developer Sebastian Maurer is planning to add other critters like squirrels and birds. He is also asking for feedback, because he has only one cat as a playtester until now. So if you have a playful kitten, let it play this game and please show me the results next caturday, because there are few things that are more awesome than video gaming cats. ^^

The game is available for 2,50$ in the Play store.

Rovio releases Angry Birds Space

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Today Rovio released the fourth installment in their Angry Birds series. In Angry Birds Space the eggs get abducted through a wormhole and the birds follow them and get transformed on the way.
The twist in this version is that the birds are influenced by gravity, which is represented by bubbles around the asteroids/planets. Your birds will fly endlessly in space, but when they get inside one of the bubbles, they get pulled towards the center. This results in a lot of u-turn shots and interesting challenges. There is also a new bird (or better said the white bird got transformed), which turns everything into ice where it hits. There are also new hidden eggs, which will warp you into a bonuslevel, when you find and hit them. You’ll find the first one in Level 1-09.

Angry Birds Space is a lot of fun and will probably be as successful as its predecessors, if you liked them, you probably didn’t read this article and just downloaded it already. If you didn’t like the gameplay, then the new gravity spin on it will probably not be enough to convert you.
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Humblebundle #2 for Android is now available

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The folks at decided to string up a new package and this time all releases are exclusive titles that haven’t been launched on Android until now.

Sadly these are mostly old re-releases from other plattforms, that I wished for 2 years ago.
Here’s my short opinion on these games.

This classic running game is single handedly responsible for every of the 1000s of running games on Android. If you have never heard of Canabalt, you need to check it out for it’s great minimalistic pixel style, but gameplay wise the former king of the genre got usurped a long time ago by Games like Jetpack Joyride that expanded on the gameplay. Still, the music and the look and feel will keep this classic installed for a long time on my phone.

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New Games roundup KW11 2012

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This week a few interesting games arrived on Android. If you are looking for new games, check out these releases:

Another World
One of my favorite games from the early 90’s and the best commercial game ever produced by a single person. Another world was one of the first action adventures and instantly made it’s Designer Eric Chahi an industry legend. It was also one of the first polygon based games, which gave it unprecended quality in animations and made it one of the first games with full motion videos. The technique he invented to display polygons in 2D is used to this day by programs like Flash. Even 20 years after the original release, this title is still wonderful to play.

Cut the Rope Experiments
Om Nom is back with new levels, gadgets and a mad german scientist. This second part initially has 5 level packs with 125 levels in total

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Welcome to another Toplist. This month I’m focussing on games, that I thought didn’t get enough attention from the android gaming crowd.
I hate it when I see stats like the newest one from Androlib, the android market completely shifted to free or freemium games, because Google still hasn’t introduced a viable payment option for Android devices. Based on the Androlib stats there are roughly 2000 apps (not even games) that sold more than 5000 copies and only 40 sold more than 250k. That is a very bad joke if you compare it to the available devices, no other plattform ever had so much quality and so little revenue to show for it. So please check out these quality games and start to buy some stuff if you can, it is a shame that none of these games have sold more than 5k copies and I’m sick and tired of ad-supported games or freemium schemes, because the quality suffers from it.

A puzzle game with a lot of variation

Cardboard castle
A very good adventure puzzle that will challenge your brain

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