Happy Birthday Androidpimps!

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 5 - 2011

Exactly one year ago we uploaded our first batch of articles and we are really excited how gaming on Android has matured in this short time.
From a handful of good games last year, we were then able to recommend our visitors over 200 games through the Toplists and wrote 74 reviews and 140 articles, so they could find the best games in the soup of roughly 200000 releases on the market.
This year will be even more interesting, with the launch of the first dedicated Android gaming handset and the new Tegra powered devices, Android will mature even more and don’t forget about Google TV, which could still be an ace up their sleeve, if the home console market continues to stagnate with 7 year old consoles, Android could make a dent there too.
There is also cloud gaming, it will be interesting to see how the Onlive integration in new devices like the HTC Flyer tablet will pan out.

I want to thank everyone who helps me keep the site running, especially Dennis who helped me tremendously in the last months, where I didn’t have the time to write a lot of reviews myself, without him the site wouldn’t be what it is today. But we could also use some new talents, if some of you think they got what it takes to write an article in either german or english, please contact us, we would love to have all daily news on the site, but since there is so much going on nowadays, it just isn’t possible anymore with 2 active writers and 2 languages at once. Regular writers get access to promo games, get contacted by developers and will get some paypal money from our ad revenue to cover the costs of paid games. If you already have a burning passion for Android games, please think about using this outlet (I’m looking at you, Wingnut ;) ).

And a big THANK YOU! to the 328.211 people who visited us in the last year, I hope you continue to visit us regularly, so we are further motivated to spend our time and money to weed through the crap games for you, so you can just enjoy the hidden pearls.
It was a great first year and this is just the beginning…

GDD talk: Building games with the NDK

Posted by Dan Mousavi On November - 12 - 2010

Last Tuesday Google invited german developers to the MOC in Munich and one session led by Dan Galpin (Google Developer Advocate for Games) was very interesting for Android Game Developers (and high interest gamers). For example did you know that every game could backup the savegames over Google services and no one has done it yet? Or that you can share assets between applications through intents? Even more known services like cloud-to-device messaging haven’t found the way into games yet.
There were a lot of more interesting tidbits and while there wasn’t anything new to report, a lot of the old stuff isn’t commonly known, I didn’t know that widgets can’t be moved to SD.
So to learn more about Android games and the possibilities, check out the talk, I filmed it spontaneous with the Nexus One, so excuse the sound quality and my shaky hand, holding your hand up for 30 minutes is no easy feat, but at least I had the best seat in the entire hall. :)
Part 4 is especially interesting, where he gives out a Wish List for future Android game features.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab – the first Android tablet for Gamers

Posted by Dan Mousavi On October - 22 - 2010

Today I visited Green Robot, who were kind enough to let us take a good look on the Galaxy tab and test out it’s gaming capabilities. Since the Galaxy Tab is one of the hottest gadgets at the moment, we won’t bother you with a device review, because you can already find good user impressions on the net, I recommend engadget in english and golem in german.
Instead we will focus on it’s gaming capabilities, which could very well be the secret weapon for the 7 inch tablets, give tips for developers on how to optimize for the device and show some videos of popular android games running on it.

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