Contract Killer

Posted by Hon-Bon Lee On June - 20 - 2011

According to the Android Market until now “Contract Killer” has already between 1 and 5 million installations and since I’m hooked on the game for the last two weeks, there needs to be a review!
I hope you’ll find my first review interesting. :)

Oldschool gamer will remember the line of First Person-Arcade Shootergames, where you just navigate a crosshair per mouse and then you just shoot around. Be it human enemies in war, Aliens or some items like cans. Contract Killer has a lot of similarities with these shooters, but it’s not a rail shooter like the arcade ports of the Operation W*lf-, House of the Dead- or Time Crisis-series. The levels or better said the areas in Contract Killer are not scrolling, because the player is a sniper. As a professional sniper you hide and don’t go in guns blazing like an action hero. From the window a sniper only has a limited view on the surrounding area.

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40 Top Free Android Games for June 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 6 - 2011

In the last month Google launched the new Android market website at Google I/O, which makes our job to bring you a list of the best games of the last month a little easier.
Most of these games are in the Top new games list that is posted there, but not all, since a game needs a lot of downloads first before it is listed there. If a good game never gets found in the first place, it won’t be in the list because it is limited to 20 sites and the last 30 days. That is why we will continue to bring you these lists, because they still provide the best overview on what noteworthy games where released in the last month.
Since not many people voted for the best games of the month, we won’t post a poll in the future, but you can still recommend your favorites in the comments.

101 Games in 1
A lot of similar minigames wrapped into one game

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