Cut the Rope Time Travel now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On April - 19 - 2013

Zeptolabs just released the third installment in their Cut the Rope series.
This time they added different Om Noms from other time periods, you’ll have to feed both to pass the level. When you unlock a new episode, you now also get a short cartoon.
Zeptolabs apparently invested a million dollars to create them and other marketing material and they are really funny.

Not that it was necessary, everybody loves Om Nom and new levels or better said a completely free new game were enough to catapult it to the Top of the charts. The game was just released and already has 2500 ratings and a 5 star rating, before the play store would update the installs from the first day. But if you let your kids play, then be warned. There are super powers for Om Nom that you can buy per in-app purchase.
Play Store Link

The 25 Best Paid Games for July 2011

Posted by Dan Mousavi On July - 12 - 2011

Hi everyone,
here are the best 25 paid games from the last month. I’m sorry that this list is a little late, I’m just too addicted to Google+ at the moment, but I promise that I’ll soon start translating some of the reviews that are in the pipeline. There were somehow fewer quality games this month then in the last, I think this is also the first time since it’s release, that I didn’t have a Unity game to recommend in the paid list. I guess it’s the summer phase, we’ll probably get drowned in quality games this autumn. As always, if we missed any good games, let me know in the comments or on Google+.

A incredible machine like game

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Cut the Rope now available for Android for free… at GetJar

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 24 - 2011

This morning we have a very special treat for all Om Nom lovers, the official version of Cut the Rope is now finally available for Android.
GetJar managed to snap up another exclusive for a while and while we usually wait until the android market release of a game, we are so happy about the release, that we can even see past the lousy mobile web interface that doesn’t recognize the N1 and that it doesn’t even work with the quick download code, because the mobile page loops with the message that the phone is not recognized. But the download over the website works, even if it is a little slow because of the heavy demand.

The game includes 7 Level boxes with 25 Levels at the moment and more are already teased in the game.

Here’s the link to GetJar and also a video that demos the game on Android for all the people, that don’t already know this very famous iPhone puzzler, you’ll love it.

Download at GetJar