Fishlabs announces Galaxy on Fire – Alliances

Posted by Dan Mousavi On February - 11 - 2013

When Galaxy on Fire was first published Fishlabs delivered one of the very first mobile AAA games.
But on iOS and Android Galaxy on Fire was always a port, even though it was heavily optimized. Now Fishlabs is getting ready to deliver a new game in the GoF universe and this time it’s a MMORTS.
The iOS version is planned for Q3 of 2013 and the android port is already in the works.
The game will be publicy shown for the first time at the end of March at the GDC in San Francisco.
Here are some screenshots and the official press release.

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Galaxy on Fire 2 THD

Posted by Hon-Bon Lee On August - 4 - 2011

The old Java-Version of Galaxy on Fire 2 on my old Sony Cybershot K810i already had good graphics and a huge game world. It was a small sensation in the mobile gaming world.
Fishlabs always focused on the creation of good games with lavish graphics.
Galaxy on Fire 2 is comparable to old PC Hits like “Privateer”, “Freelancer” oder “Elite”, if you played these classic space simulations and liked them, you will probably also like Galaxy on Fire 2 THD.
You can download Galaxy on Fire 2 THD for free in the Android-Market, after the installation it will download a few hundred MB additional data (WiFi recommended).
The first solar system is playable for free. You can only leave the hangar of the Space station in the second solar system after you bought the full version. You buy the game through in-app purchase, it brings you to the android market and after the sale you are back in the hangar, where you can continue to play seamlessly.

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30 minutes of Galaxy on Fire 2 THD running on a Nexus One

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 16 - 2011

When I did a review on Burning Tires a while ago I already mentioned that I was really looking forward to Galaxy on Fire 2 on Android. I was a little disappointed, when they told me at MWC that the standard version is Xperia Play exclusive and that the advanced Tegra Version is of course only available for Tegra devices, so I planned to postpone to play it until I upgrade my handset (which will be when Google releases a worthwile successor to the Nexus One).
Then Chainfire3D was released and while some games worked with it on the Nexus One, I doubted that Galaxy on Fire 2 would run.
But with the newest version of Chainfire3D Pro and reduced texture quality, the game runs nearly flawless!
Of course the game looks even better on Tegra devices, but to play this advanced version on a N1 is something you should have seen.
So here are the first 30 minutes + the Chainfire 3D settings in a video demonstration, all of this still takes place in the free part of the game, so everyone who has a Android device that works with Chainfire3D can check out how it runs on their device for free themselves.

Galaxy on Fire 2 Tegra HD Version now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 16 - 2011

Fishlabs just released their popular Sci-fi shooter Galaxy on Fire 2 for Tegra devices. This version of the game has 4 times as much details in the textures and a higher polycount, which enhances this already great game with cutting edge visuals on Tegra devices. You can download the game for free, but to unlock the full version, you will have too pay $14.99 / ÔéČ11,99 / ┬ú8.99 via in-app purchase.

Here’s the market link and a video of the Tegra Version I shot at MWC, you can find the full press release in german below.

Market Link
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