HTC Evo3D review

Posted by Dan Mousavi On August - 23 - 2011

Last week the Evo3D launched officially in Germany, a lot has happened since I checked out the first 3D phone from LG at MWC earlier this year and with Sense 3.0 and the new mobile display resolution the HTC Evo3D looks like a evolution of the Optimus 3D on paper. Let’s find out, if the last 6 months were kind to mobile 3D gaming and if such a device is worth to have now.

Let’s take a look at the Hardware first.
I really like the HTC phones, they always feel sturdy and robust. The phone has a decent weight to it and could be too heavy for some, but I prefer phones with a little weight to it over cheap plastic.
The backside comes off easily when you need it to and won’t pop off by itself. There is a real camera button on the device, that is at the top of it’s class. It just feels right to have a dedicated metal camera button on the lower right of the phone.
Sadly that’s the only good thing when it comes to buttons. The system buttons are all touchscreen buttons, that are often pressed by unintended clicks if you just hold the phone in landscape mode. My biggest gripe with the phone is that it doesn’t have a trackpad or a trackball. I’m so used to this navigation that every phone without a trackball + touchscreen just feels crippled and I will probably cry crocodile tears if the Nexus Prime is announced with only software buttons.

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Yesterday evening the Nexus One was the first device to get the Froyo upgrade, we shot some Video material from Gameloft’s new game Gangstar before and after the update, so you can compare it’s performance.

We chose one of the new Gameloft titles because they are still missing optimization for the Snapdragon processor and are the only games that performed that badly on Eclair. The game often had lousy fps, even with Froyo you will see the occasional hiccup, but it definately got a lot smoother.

Here is Gangstar running on Eclair, the last mission is present in both videos, so you can compare the performance:

And here is Gangstar running on Froyo:
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