Hungry Shark Part 3 now available

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 22 - 2011

FGOL just released the third part of the Hungry Shark series for Android. It’s pretty much more of the same in a new environment (so you can just check our review of the first part for gameplay infos) and with a new endboss, but since Hungry Shark is still one of my favorite tilt based games, that’s good enough. Sadly the price is still nearly five times higher then the iPhone counterpart of the same game. Let’s hope that they will have some sort of promotion on Shark week like they had last year, which will start on 31th July.

Here is the trailer for Hungry Shark 3, still weird as ever.

Market Link

Hungry Shark

Posted by Dan Mousavi On June - 30 - 2010

The British developer FGOL knows how to make a big splash with their debut title Hungry Shark. Taking the gameplay of Ecco the Dolphin and turning it into a bloody munch fest for high scores brings us one of the best pick up and play game experiences on smartphones.
You play a hungry shark that gets dropped into a ocean full of food. Your goal is to eat as many things as possible, starting from all the fishes in the ocean to people that swim or stand on boats and 10 hidden treasures. But there are dangers in the ocean, Blowfish hurt you when you attack them while they are blown up, Jellyfish sting when you eat them, divers try to stab you and there are mines everywhere you swim. Thankfully our shark is strong and regenerates fast if you eat continuously. If you get hurt too often or don’t reach another edible thing in time you starve and can enter your high score in a global ranking list.

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