20 Top Paid Games for December

Posted by Dan Mousavi On December - 8 - 2010

Here we are again with the 20 best paid games, that were released on the market in the last month. As you can see the quality rises steadily and more and more games get released each month. Just 5 months ago we barely managed to collect 20 games from all of the market, now we have 40 good games released in just a month.
We try to stay on top of all releases, but playtesting so many of them takes time and reviewing them all is impossible without more manpower, even if we focus further just on recommendable games. If you find some game you like and think you got what it takes to write a review about it, just contact us, we are always looking for new writers.

Top Paid:

Advent Rush
A very promising 2d shoot’em up. It looks great and has all the ingredients to be good, from a nice soundtrack to good bullet patterns. It’s just very hard and has no trackball controls, 2 things that will get updated soon according to the developer, then it could be the best shooter on the market.

Ancient Frog
The classic Zen-like puzzle game got ported from the iPhone

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Pocket Legends

Posted by Dan Mousavi On November - 17 - 2010

Delivering a realtime multiplayer online game on a mobile device is not a easy task, before I started playing Pocket Legends I just heard “mobile mmo” and expected another cheap cash-in with ugly graphics, lousy gameplay and even lousier perfomance. I couldn’t have been wronger, since the game proved to be a beautiful and very stable game, that is heavily optimized for mobile touchscreen devices and slow network performance. This truly is a mobile multiplayer game, that is worth your attention.

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